Custom CMS Solutions

Static brochure web sites are a cost effective solution to your online presence, but in the long term you might want the ability to edit your content or even add new pages yourself. We are trained to Degree Level in Interaction Design Principles and have had years of hands on experience in the field, so we know what makes a good Web Content Management System (WCMS or CMS).


Edit your website live!

We have had our share of experience with cumbersome desktop solutions that take time to upload HTML files after each edit, and require expensive license fees for each user. Never Again! Administrators can simply log into our websites from any web enabled computer with a browser and instantly begin editing content.

As easy as cut and paste

It's as easy as cut and paste

Thanks to the superb CKEditor and our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach to integration, updating your website can be as easy as cutting and pasting from a Word document. Coupled with our expert knowledge of Design Principles and on site training as required - administering changes is now a snip.

Not an out of the box solution

Not an out of the box solution

We have long recognised that there is no such thing as a perfect 'out of the box' CMS. Whilst basic requirements are often similar - our preferred approach is to blend required functionality seamlessly into the existing site, leading to a more intuitive and uncluttered solution.

No missing pieces

No missing pieces

We are confident that managing pages, editing text and uploading images doesn't get much more accessible or intuitive. But the same goes for document stores, photo galleries and other database solutions. We can deliver a complete and user friendly solution tailored to your requirements.


Why AAA Websites bespoke approach is the best.

Our approach to CMS design is quite unique in that we don't have a separate interface and a whole lot of new buttons to learn - we simply build the features into your site! We don't believe you should have to learn something new to use your CMS. Once you are logged into the site with an administrator password, you simply browse to the page you want and click 'edit'. It really is that simple.